Paralipomena Jeremiou
Critical Edition
based upon all "long versions" of the extant Greek manuscripts
A DFG-funded project of the Chair of New Testament Exegesis of the Department of Catholic Theology at the University of Wuerzburg
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All data in the database as well as the websites of the project "Paralipomena Jeremiou" is UTF-8-encoded, to make sure that polytonic Greek as well as other special fonts are displayed correctly. But in order for this to work it is required that a corresponding Unicode script with polytonic Greek fonts is installed on the computer of the database user, as well as an appropriate input possibility.
If your computer displays polytonic Greek correctly, you will see by the following sentence. First, the sentence is integrated into the page as a graphic, which shows how it should be displayed (font and font size might differ - but it should be legible)

This text is a picture:

This is how your computer displays the same text:

More information on this topic you will find at the links on our link page.

The project "Paralipomena Jeremiou" uses for its work the Open-Source-Databasesystem MySQL. The User-Interfaces are built up with PHP, so that working on the database is possible worldwide over the internet and with different kinds of browsers. It makes no difference, if the user's computer works with Windows, Macintosh or Linux.
The direct database administration is done with phpMyAdmin.

We would like to thank the data station of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Wuerzburg for the technical support as well as for hosting the database.

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