Paralipomena Jeremiou
Critical Edition
based upon all "long versions" of the extant Greek manuscripts
A DFG-funded project of the Chair of New Testament Exegesis of the Department of Catholic Theology at the University of Wuerzburg
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Critical Edition of the "Paralipomena Jeremiou" - General information

The "Paralipomena Jeremiou" is an early Jewish and later by Christian writers revised work, which can be dated to the end of the 1st century A.D. or the beginning of the 2nd century. It is therefore located in the origins of the New Testament and is supposed to clarify especially the process, during which Judaism and Christianity separated and went different ways. But, in order to discover its place in religious history and possible relations to New Testament scriptures, it is necessary to have a safe text basis, which is non-existent up to the moment. Exactly this, a critical edition on the basis of all Ancient Greek manuscripts, is the aim of the DFG-funded research project of Prof. Bernhard Heininger at the Department of Theology (Chair of New Testament Exegesis) at the University of Wuerzburg.

Especially the (approximately) 23 manuscripts of the so-called "long form" of the "Paralipomena Jeremiou" are relevant for this, whilst the 40 manuscripts of the "short form" come only secondary for a critical edition. All important manuscripts will be purchased as paper prints, microfilms or digital scans, archived, deciphered, and compared under aspects of textual criticism.

At the end of the project there is going to be the publication of a critical edition of the "Paralipomena Jeremiou", which intends to be the basis for further scientific research on this document. By publishing the results on CD-ROM and the Internet this project wants to make available the decisions for certain readings and the manuscripts, on which these are based, to a wider scientific audience.

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